What Is The Difference Between The Bakflip Tonneau Covers

Would you like to get a tonneau cover for the back of your truck? It’s sometimes difficult to choose the right tonneau covers for your vehicle as they offers so many different features. They are usually designed for fun, making your vehicle look much more sleek in design. However, there is also a practical or professional aspect to them as well. If you use your truck to go to jobs and you are bringing all of your tools with you, it’s a great way to keep everything safe and dry. Let’s look at two of the more popular ones and see whether or not you should get BAKflip HD or G2 tonneau covers.

BAKflip HD Tonneau Covers

These are made from aluminum, weighing about 3 1/2 pounds on the panel core with a powder coat panel frame. They use EPDM side seals, and a matte finish, with latches that are made of glass nylon. They have a flush fit with the rail style and they also have a flush hinge style as well. There is an emergency release, and they are UV protected, making sure that they will last the minimum of the two year warranty that these covers come with when you buy them.

BAKflip G2 Tonneau Covers

These are very similar to the HD covers with all of the same attributes as listed above. There are some subtle differences. The cover itself is much thicker, although the exterior skin is much thinner, making it weight about 50 pounds less. It uses a round hinge style instead of a flush hinge style and it does not have an emergency release. It also comes with a warranty for two years, and is just as stylish as the HD covers but there are some differences that might motivate you to get one over the other.

Reasons To Get HD And G2 Tonneau Covers

The reason that these are called HD is that they are heavy-duty. This means that there designed for people that are working all the time. It can easily resist corrosion, allowing you to travel to virtually any area, regardless of the weather, and never have to worry about what is inside. G2 covers, on the other hand, are much more affordable. They do not have all of the proverbial bells and whistles that come with the HD model. It is made with durable aluminum, and it also has EPDM rubber seals that will make sure that, even in the heaviest rains, everything is going to stay dry inside. Therefore, the main decision you have to make is whether this is for looks or if you are going to be using this for your job. Either way, both of them are very good with the heavy-duty model costing slightly less than the other.

Once you have decided to get either the HD or G2, you will be happy with either choice. Just make the choice based upon what you can afford, and also whether or not you are using this on an ongoing basis for work. Those are your two primary factors to consider when you are choosing either of these BAKflip tonneau covers. It’s a great way to move forward toward having more versatility and convenience with your truck or work or pleasure.

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